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flexible - minimum 20 dkk (3 usd) annually

We are a network of people of all genders who work towards achieving gender equality by particularly engaging boys and men. Become a member of our network today by paying a minimum of 20DKK (~$3) annually. Members who pay 150DKK+ (~$25+) get a free tote bag and sticker!

As a member, you can - for example - participate in meetings, workshops, and events that we hold on a regular basis. You'll get news and updates directly in your inbox, and you can engage with our work to the extent that feels right for you.

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Minimum 20DKK (~$3). If you contribute more than 150DKK (~$25), we will send you a free tote bag and sticker!
For members who choose membership for 200, - or 300, -
Mobilepay or Bank transfer (If these options are not possible for you, please contact Henriette at hh@daregender.dk.)
For members receiving a tote bag

You will receive a confirmation on your membership by email once we have received your form and payment.

payment Information:

MobilePay: 93455 (Henriette Højberg)

Bankoverførsel: Reg.nr.: 8401 Kontonr.: 0001299777


Ones you’re a member you’ll also have the opportunity to engage more actively in the organization. Maybe you have a good idea or a skill that can optimize DareGender's work, or maybe you want to volunteer to learn more about gender and organizational work? Either way - we would love to offer you a cup of coffee and hear more about your motivation.

Send us an email at: plc@daregender.dk and discribe a little bit about yourself and your motivation.


tote bags - 150 dkk (25 USD), (Danish) shipping included

Purchase one of our high-quality tote bags to help spread our message. Purchase includes one year's membership with DareGender.

Be advised that we at the moment do not have any more "3" totes.

Be advised that we at the moment do not have any more "3" totes.




Is your business interested in supporting DareGender's work? You can sponsor various projects and programs in DareGender in the form of financial contributions, products, or services.