Our Work

Our Work

Including men and masculinities in equality work

Here you can read about the work we do. We strive to engage a broader movement all while learning from the working with those we already have the pleasure of cooperating with. Whether it is partner organisations, members, or volunteers, we are thankful for them committing time and energy to our cause, and the exposure our work gets through their engagement.

Our work is evidence- and fact-based and aims to be open and accessible to everyone.

Below you can read more about our current projects.

Projects and Outreach


On the tail end of 2017, we launched our phone counselling service for boys and young men of age 15-25. Inspired by similar projects in other Scandinavian countries, ‘MenTalk’ addresses the need of a counselling service specifically aimed at the young male demographic. We know that this demographic is overrepresented in statistics of depression, social isolation, crime and suicide. We know that young men often struggle with sensitivity and the ability to cope with deep and challenging feelings. And we know that a similar approach has been popular and effective in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

That is why we have decided to create a space where boys and young men can come to talk to someone about challenges they face, or emotions they feel unsure of expressing or addressing. Through ‘MenTalk’, we aim to provide a safe and anonymous service for boys and young men who need this support to tackle the social or personal issues, they might be facing, and break the pattern of negative networks, emotional and social isolation, and outlash through violence and crime.

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workshop about 'FRIENDTIVISM' - gender Awareness in your friendships and communities

Together with our volunteers in DareGender, we have come up with the concept of ‘friendtivism’. It is our way of talking and thinking about gender perspectives in our own lives and social relations. And we offer workshops that can teach the participants about tools they can use to become an ‘upstander’ in their own social circles – someone who works to bring about positive change in their own life and communities.

The workshop takes its point of departure in Danish society and how gender is often, unreflexively, presented, talked, and thought about. We introduce the participants to tools and dialogue-based exercises that helps them explore the ways in which they can use gender perspectives in their personal and social life, and the realisations and benefits this can lead to, personally as well as in terms of societal change. We use and talk about real life examples provided by facilitators and participants alike, and talk about taking on the role of good friend and of the ‘upstander’ – someone who does not let their gender limit a person’s freedom to choose what they want they want to do – and what they do not.  

More fathers on paternity leave - an innovative project promoting greater diversity in management

We are working with Potential Company on a project that focuses on granting parents the freedom to have the parental leave they want, no matter their gender. The project is aimed specifically at companies – and we have spots open, so if it is something you think your company would benefit from, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

We mention ‘paternal leave’ particularly because of the imbalance that usually is between how much parental leave a father takes compared to a mother. Our stance is that a more equal distribution of parental leave benefits all involved: The fathers who want more time with their children have that opportunity, the women who want to focus more on their careers have that opportunity, and the companies can hire and maintain both types of pattern-breakers in their management. And more children will grow up with both of their parents present from the get-go.

In concrete terms, through the project we work with companies to identify and change aspects of their organisation and culture in a way that can bring about the change they want. We also help get the ball rolling on practical initiatives that the company can then continue and expand to implement and maintain the change in their culture around parental leave.

The project is funded by the participating companies and is part of a partnership between DareGender and Potential Company.

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Workshop about 'EVERYDAY GENDER' – the basic eye opener for everyone

A good introduction to the topic and perspective on gender. A practical, down-to-earth workshop about the ways in which gender is part of our everyday lives. When and how often do we actually – consciously or not – meet and use gender in our usual doings and goings? And how conscious are we of the places and ways in which gender subtly influences who we are, how we conduct ourselves, and how we experience and shape the society around us?

This workshop is ideal for groups who want an introduction to and are curious about some or all of the questions above. Our facilitators will help you explore and perhaps get closer to an answer to the significance of gender in your lives. The workshop is especially suited for those who work with gender in an educational setting.

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