Meet Our Workshop Facilitators


Piv la Cour

is the co-founder, vice-chairperson, and project coordinator of DareGender. She holds a bachelor's degree in intercultural / international social work, as well as change agency and facilitation, from the Metropolitan University College Copenhagen and Action Aid Denmark. While working with the Women’s Council in Denmark, Piv was introduced to using a masculinity perspective in the work towards gender equality. This completely shifted her understanding of gender inequality and quickly led to new ideas and approaches in her work for gender justice, and ultimately inspired her to help found DareGender.


Nicolai Zoffmann

is the spokesperson for DareGender. He holds a bachelor's degree in techno-anthropology, and uses tools from his studies to investigate interactions with cultures and people, focusing on equality in everyday life and men's involvement in gender equality. Since 2014, he has been involved in engaging men in feminisms, and, among other things, works diligently on social media to shed light on the otherwise static image many men have of feminisms.