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About us

About us: We challenge attitudes towards gender

We do that because we know that gender contributes not just in constructive and positive ways to personal identity projects, but can also be the source of individual, social and societal issues. We work in particular with men and boys to help identify and dismantle the negative stereotypes of masculinity they experience.

Our hope is that, by engaging men in the work towards greater equality, we can contribute to creating a world where nobody is limited by their gender. We work towards this goal through outreach projects and campaigns, by raising awareness of the topic, and by directly creating mobilisation and participation.

We are just getting started


We started DareGender in 2015, as the first organisation in Denmark specifically working with the gender perspective as applied to the issues and challenges facing boys and men. We did this after a test where we reached out to young men to talk to them about our suggested approach, and we found that, when it becomes clear how gender roles and inequality has an impact on people of all genders, and when a space is created where men can engage with work towards equality, they are eager to get involved.

That motivates us to keep working, and although we are the first organisation in Denmark to directly engage and target men in the work for equality, we know that some of the issues we work with have been around for a while. And we’re rooting for more people and organisations to rise up and help us create a healthy debate around and proper solutions to them.

We take our work very seriously, and we know that the issues we work with can spark heated debate, especially as they get the attention of a larger audience. For that reason, we strive to base our work on facts and research: We want to create a constructive dialogue that can help us move forward together, rather than a divisive shouting match over unfounded opinions. To that end, we work with our Nordic and international partners who share these values, and we learn from their research and the experience with implementing that knowledge as the foundation of our work.

One of the things we know from those findings is that applying gender perspectives to social issues in fact does result in more effective and holistic preventive approaches.

DareGender is not politically affiliated and is open to people of all genders and sexualities, and of people of all political views and religious beliefs who reciprocate that tolerance.

Gender is important and holds positive potential